Why Solar?


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Solar Fun Facts

All the energy stored in earth’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas is matched by the energy produced by just 20 days of sunshine.

Why choose solar?

Choosing to install a photovoltaic solar installation makes great sense for both financial and environmental reasons, especially in New Jersey. A solar system will provide clean and green energy year round and will reduce your electricity costs. Also there are many great financial incentives available currently, which may be around for a limited time only.

How solar works

Photovoltaic modules (often referred to as “solar panels”) harvest the energy that is readily available to us from the sun. The modules themselves are made up of an array of small, individual cells of silicon (the semiconductor found in modern electronics) that are “doped” with boron and phosphorous. When these cells are exposed to sunlight, electrons that are bound to the materials in the cells are ejected and allowed to flow freely through the modules, causing an electric current to flow. The modules produce DC electricity (direct current), which must be then changed to AC electricity (alternating current) using an inverter, which then provides electricity.

Solar as an investment

Due to the financial incentives that are available for installing a solar system and the reduction in electric costs the solar system will create, solar systems are a great investment for your business or property. Meridian will make sure that your photovoltaic system will be designed to maximize its efficiency, given your unique property. This means that your investment will be producing the greatest amount of electricity it can at any given time and thus increasing your savings.

Environmental benefits

Photovoltaic solar systems are a great way to benefit the environment and help produce clean energy. By producing your own electricity you will help cut down your carbon footprint and use less fossil fuels. Solar electric systems have no emissions of any kind and thus you are helping in reducing air pollution and acid rain, helping in reducing our dependency on foreign fuel sources and helping in reducing the constraint on your local utility grid. All of these measures will help in providing better air quality and reduce global warming and climate change. For example, over the course of 25 years a 100 kW solar installation will offset 4,170,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, equal to planting seven acres of forest.