Maintenance & Warranties


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Solar Fun Facts

When silicon is taken from just one ton of sand, and used in photovoltaic solar power panels, that silicon can produce as much electricity as 500,000 tons of burning coal.


  • solar panels, solar docks, meridian solar servicesPanel manufacturer warranties vary, but are typically 20 to 25 years on the PV panels.
  • If the system is mounted with SolarDock, SolarDock will provide a 20 year warranty on the mounting system.
  • Meridian will provide a five year warranty on the system installation.
  • Meridian will provide maintenance services as desired by the owner (cost may be included in the initial price, or paid on a time and materials basis).

Maintenace & Monitoring

For a reasonable fee, Meridian will provide ongoing maintenance and/or monitoring of your system. Most systems require little maintenance, but we recommend quarterly inspections (frequency may change depending on system size) and an annual cleaning. Meridian can install a web-based monitoring system that reports production and sends an alarm if the system is not functioning properly. Maintenance and monitoring for up to five years can be included with the initial system cost if owners so desire.