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Solar Fun Facts

All the energy stored in earth’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas is matched by the energy produced by just 20 days of sunshine.

What Meridian Will Do For You

  • Analyze site and energy usage, complete a site survey, and provide a financial analysis showing the cost of the system, the estimated payback period, and the return on investment.
  • Identify financial incentives & loan programs. Meridian will identify rebate, tax incentive and special programs for which you are eligible. We will obtain and complete all paperwork required to receive Federal and State rebates, incentives, and loans.
  • Obtain building permits and inspections. We will handle all interaction with local permit offices and will be present during the final site inspection.
  • Complete the design and installation of the system, using the Solar Pathfinder computerized design system. Installation will be performed under the supervision of experienced, licensed professionals.
  • Handle all interconnection administration. We will initiate any necessary agreements with the local utility company, schedule all required site inspections, and commission the system.
  • Provide on going monitoring and maintenance services for as long as the owner desires.

Meridian has the capability to install roof top or ground mounted solar systems. After a site survey and design analysis, and input from the owner regarding its goals, Meridian will recommend the system and panels best suited to the property.