Why Choose Meridian?


Solar Fun Facts

All the energy stored in earth’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas is matched by the energy produced by just 20 days of sunshine.

Why Choose Meridian?

Meridan Property Services Project Manager

Paul Van Cleve, Meridian Chief Operating Officer

Meridian’s many years of experience in electrical contracting, construction, and building and equipment maintenance make it ideally suited to install and maintain solar systems. This combination of building and equipment maintenance experience and electrical contracting experience is unusual. Meridian’s principals are also real estate investors, who understand an owner’s perspective.

Many solar installation companies are start-up entities, whose longevity is uncertain. Meridian has been providing excellent customer service to its clients for 18 years (that’s how we’ve stayed in business!). Our expertise will ensure that a Meridian solar system will be well designed and installed. Our track record and commitment to being in business long term will ensure that Meridian will be there to maintain systems and stand behind our warranty for years to come.