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Solar Fun Facts

There is enough sunlight on the surface of the earth every hour to meet all the energy demands of the entire world for one full year.

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Solar Dock, Solar Roof MountAlthough Meridian can install systems using various types of mounting, Meridian recommends the use of the SolarDock® mounting system. SolarDock designs solar electric mounting systems using leading-edge, cost effective technology. SolarDock’s patented, flat-roof mounting frames offer an exclusive non-penetrating roof installation method, eliminating the possibility of leaks and cancellation of roof warranties. SolarDock’s flexible, modular structure facilitates expansion of your solar electric system or transfer to a new facility. SolarDock systems are composed of photovoltaic modules arranged normally at a 25-degree angle, increasing the annual electricity output by up to 15% over conventional flat-mount systems.

SolarDock advantages are:

  1. Patented, trouble-free mounting system
    The SolarDock® patented mounting system eliminates anchoring devices that require roof penetration, a common obstacle to installing a solar electric system. SolarDock’s patented mounting system will preserve your roof warranty and ensure a full life for your roof, unlike other penetrating mounting systems.
  2. State-of-the-art technology
    SolarDock systems are free-standing and lightweight, yet are carefully engineered with appropriate ballast to secure the modules for extreme wind speeds.
  3. Custom-designed configurations
    Each SolarDock system is custom-designed for the specific application. Yet, the building blocks of the system are standardized offering unmatched efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  4. Relocation potential
    SolarDock systems are easily relocated from one building to another ensuring that your investment is not lost as your business changes.
  5. Attractive, high-tech appearance
    SolarDock systems are attractive with crisp, linear rows and enclosed wiring. With a SolarDock on your roof, you’ll project the image of a progressive company that cares about cost control and the environment.
  6. Expansion is simple
    SolarDock facilitates quick and easy expansion. New modules can be added quickly and easily – without redesign, rework or waste. Some clients begin with a small solar electric system to gain a first-hand understanding of the efficiency and cost-savings of solar energy prior to a full-scale installation.
  7. Easy Maintenance
    Our angled mounting reduces build-up of dirt and debris, sheds snow in colder climates, and reduces heat buildup through front, side, and rear ventilation. Since SolarDock systems have no moving parts, they are virtually maintenance free, and rain alone will clean the modules.

Solar Pathfinder

Meridian uses the Solar Pathfinder instrument to accurately measure the shading of any site, allowing the user to see what could shade the system throughout the year. Because the Solar Pathfinder™ works on a reflective principle rather than actually showing shadows, it can be used anytime of the day, anytime of the year, in either cloudy or clear weather. Results of the Solar Pathfinder analysis is used to estimate the amount of electricity the system will generate. The Solar Pathfinder™ gives an entire year’s solar potential for a given site in just seconds. It is considered the premium instrument for shade analysis in the industry.

Solar Panels

Meridian has the ability to buy panels from various manufacturers, including Sharp, 1SolTech, and Canadian Solar. Panels produce different amount of electricity, and there are cost and efficiency trade-offs. Meridian will recommend a panel manufacturer, subject to the owners’ approval. Some systems may need to be installed with American made panels (if certain sources of funds are being used). Meridian can comply with this requirement.