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Solar Fun Facts

Photovoltaic cells are the basic building blocks of solar electric systems. They are composed of ultra-thin layers of silicon. When sunlight strikes the surface of the cell, an electrical field is created resulting in a flow of electricity.

About Meridian Property Services:

Meridian Property Services is a privately held property and facilities management, construction and electrical, and solar services company, providing a range of services to building owners and tenants. Its services include:

  • Solar power (photovoltaic) system installation and maintenance
  • Electrical contracting services
  • Property and facilities management
  • Operation of building systems, repair and servicing
  • General construction/alterations and additions

Meridian provides facilities management and maintenance services for over five million square feet of commercial property. It is the largest provider of facilities management services to the State of New Jersey. Meridian also has extensive construction and electrical contracting experience, having successfully completed numerous multi-million dollar projects. It has over 130 employees and has served clients in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1992.


About Meridian Solar Services:

Meridian Solar Services was founded in 2008 as a division of Meridian Property Services. Meridian saw the potential benefits of photovoltaic solar systems for property owners. Meridian realized that due to its expertise in electrical contracting, construction, and building and equipment maintenance, it was ideally suited to install and maintain solar systems. This combination of building and equipment maintenance experience and electrical experience is unusual. Owners benefit from the knowledge that their Meridian solar system will be well designed and installed, and that Meridian will be there to maintain it and stand behind its warranty for years to come.

property managed by Meridian Property Services

Meridian Solar Services can install ground mounted or roof mounted systems. It uses highly trained electricians for system installation. It understands and complies with the requirements of NJ Clean Energy, and will provide all documents necessary to qualify for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC’s) and Federal and State grants/credits.


Meridian is a NJ licensed electrical contractor (license number 34EB01448500), and a certified Sharp Photovoltaic installer. It is fully bonded and insured.

For more information about Meridian Property Services, please see our web site: www.meridianservices.com